High Six Sunday

It’s been way too long, kids.

What took me so long? Well, a combination of things: slow computer, busy days at work resulting in lazy nights, problems with my landlord (basically the washing machine has been broken for 3 months and I got thrown out for writing him an e-mail asking for it to be fixed and telling him he needed to do his job properly). BUT today is Sunday and I walked to the Post Office depot yesterday and there I received a parcel that got me rather excited. Inside there was a jumper I ordered online about two months ago. Better late than never.

1) The jumper of dreams had arrived. I skipped merrily home and put it on. Readers, this is burger jumper:

You can almost taste it. Sometimes clothes can make me forget about my problems. Thank you, burger jumper. And fuck you, landlord.

Another reason why I’m excited and ready to be updating my blog again? I just blew all my dollas on a brand new, beautiful MacBook Air. (13.3″) I have fallen for the wonders of Apple. I don’t care if I sound shallow and frivolous. Having a new computer like this has inspired me again – made me want to do stuff again, be creative. Of course, that will all come after the honeymoon period is over I.e. watching tvcatchup, youtube, browsing tumblr and my favourite websites (I’m gonna do a post on my favourite websites at some point), discovering new music and listening to Emelie Sandé on repeat.

Also, if anyone can recommend a good satchel/shoulder bag to carry it in with compartments that isn’t £150, that would be great.

Another item I bought recently that I am escatic to own is this:

Macauley Culkin is one of my life heroes and I can’t believe I have a tee with his bake on it! (Not that I think he would want his bake to be on a tee come to think of it…but I just love it).

When I googled “Macauley Culkin t-shirt: I came across this that literally made my jaw drop:

John from John and Edward wearing the same t-shirt ON A T-SHIRT!!!! My mind is a bit blown by this and now of course I want this t-shirt.

3) Another new purchase for the autumnal mood was a faux-leather jacket with studs from Topshop. (£65)

I thought the studs made it a bit more interesting that the usual leather jackets especially for a night out as I am most often dressed very casually so at least there’s a bit of detail on my jacket.

4) Something I have on my “to buy” list are these briefs from Autostraddle (American Apparel briefs with “you do you” printed on them), $16

I love the colour and the style and may treat myself to them soon (Have I been treating myself too much recently?)

5) You can never have too many shirts and I’ve been eyeing up this one from River Island. (£35)

The leather collar thing seems to have been carried over from last Winter, and I’m definitely a fan. It means people who don’t want to “dress up” in a traditional way can still dress up and look like they’ve made an effort. For me, clothes are all about that extra bit of detail or fun element that makes it fun to wear. Most of the time, this is more important to me than how it really looks which most people probably think isn’t the best way to dress. But I’m all about enjoying wearing clothes. Most days at work I feel drab and boring in what I’m wearing.

6) I have been looking for and thinking about getting a pair of Vans for a few years now. (I know, a little weird but I was never sure which ones to get (classic red, faded red or grey, laced, slip ons? Suede? Mid-tops? or if I wanted to fork out £50 for them). Recently, I’ve been seeing good-looking New Balance trainers a lot. I wouldn’t have considered such a shoe before but now, ones like these are definitely on my radar:

The colours, the comfort, the non-try hard vibe. I like them. A proper running shoe is fashionable? It’s like being 10 years old again when JJB was heaven where you yearned for Adidas three strip tracksuit bottoms and your mum didn’t like the gaudy three stripes and so you compromised on plain Reebox ones. They went splendidly with my lime green Ellesse jumper.


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