High Five Friday #8

It feels weird to be typing that again. It also feels weird not to be in my wee room in Belfast typing it – the spare room I made into my writing room. My beau had her music room across the landing. Instead I’m in London in my room in the apartment I share with two other people.

So, here I am finally writing this blog again, and starting off with a High Five Friday for old time’s sake…plus it’s Friday. Here are my top 5.


I got this tee especially for London Pride. American Apparel’s apparel is a bit expensive for basic t-shirts and for the quality but this tee is special – 15% goes to GLAAD, and boy, am I glaad about that. Plus, I rejoiced in my tee. My tee made me feel happy. A woman took my photo in it at Pride and said I was cute. I’ve never been called cute by a stranger before. Usually it’s “cheer up love, it might never happen”. £20 well spent.

2. New shoes.

Brogues are the best work shoes I know. Stylish and smart yet comfortable (that word again in relation to shoes!) Creeper brogues are very much a trend these days for all genders.

My office is pretty casual and I could get away with going more casual but I kind of prefer to keep weekday and weekend clothes separate. I guess I have a bi-polar relationship with clothes at the minute. I must admit I am scared to present in a more masculine way. It’s only in my apartment  that I really let go and wear what I want without caring. I don’t want people to notice at work if I dress more masculine. I’m definitely self-concious again, more so than I had been.

At least I have brogues even if I don’t have ties, bow ties, a boyish haircut and confidence. Brogues make me happy and my grey creeper ones have added a bit of extra chazam to the look.

3. Loud (patterned) trousers

I realise this is such a “trend” these days: patterned joggers and jeans. And a good example of my new found – but not welcome – girliness. My mum bought me these and although I was apprehensive at first I tried them on and they were really comfortable. Exactly what I’m looking for at work AND at the weekend. Plus you can toughen them up by wearing them with high tops, DMs or laced-up biker boots, paired with a jarring t-shirt and lots of rock ‘n’ roll studded jewellery.

4. My trucker cap

I wear my trucker cap whilst watching TV (Olympics!). It hides my hair which is going through that stage I hate: shapeless, overgrown, no style, far too long. Basically something I want to cover up all the time. Mine says “Old York City” on it and everyone I know hates it. I love it.

5. Cocktail cigarettes

I got these for a leaving do at work on Thursday. My favourite work buddy left to go travelling. I thought it would be fun to smoke some coloured cigarettes. (Yeah, I’m weird). They were a big hit even with the non-smokers. Apparently they’re not for boys according to a lot of people at work. Oh, and apparently Pimms and lemonade isn’t for boys either. Yeah, this is how people think. Everyone is so scared to go outside the rigid societal lines of gender. Whether you hate smoking or not, my cigs were the colours of a rainbow – which stands for diversity, equality and peace. We shouldn’t care so much and we shouldn’t believe in two genders because it makes people feel trapped.


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