Fashion Icons: John and Edward Grimes

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love John and Edward Grimes.

They are my ultimate boy crushes. And I wanted to include them in my fashion icons. You may have noticed that they are another pair of twins, and might ask if I have a thing for twins. You could say that, because I am a twin myself, and perhaps I am drawn to my fellow species?

John and Edward tend to wear the same thing or something very similar or complementary to the other one’s outfit. They are very into the twin thing, I guess, but on top of that, they are a team, a group and dressing the same has more of an impact. It is their thing.

I love John and Edward’s (or Jedward’s as they are now known) crazier outfits – the ones they wear on stage or when they were on Big Brother. But mostly I just like their “downtime” clothes.

Jedward entering the Big Brother house wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas

John and Edward on Eurovision 2011

I feel like their look is easy enough to pull off: skinny jeans, high tops, blazers. I pretty much wear their clothes already! I love that they are also fans of Jeremy Scott for Adidas. I am a bit in love with Jeremy Scott’s American flag sportswear and I have mentioned wanting an American flag shirt or t-shirt a while ago. I was going to post a pic of the Adidas range but then I found this:

I also really want these trainers:

And I can’t resist a few photos of them modelling. Enjoy!



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