#7 High Five Friday

Most Fridays, I celebrate that it is Friday: the start of the weekend, the end of the week, you know, that sort of thing. We all like the weekend, surely? Unless you have to work of course, but sssshhh. Well I have always been a fan of the Friday, even when I have worked on a Saturday (like hardly ever). Not this Friday though. In fact, this week went by far too quickly for my liking. The fastest week ever. The one week I didn’t want to go quickly. This is the last weekend I have with my beau before I go away to London. I really want her to come over in July after she finishes her exams but we just don’t know if that’s going to happen yet. Even if she does it still means more than two months apart and I won’t be there for her birthday. We haven’t really been apart since we met so we’ll probably find it pretty hard. But hey, let’s not think about it. Lots of people do it so we will too.

My high fives this week all come from a website called designboom.com. It is a design website which features innovative design from all over the world, some of which you can buy. I discovered it today and I will definitely be visiting it on a regular basis from now on. It includes architecture, photography, gadgets, art and interviews. It is a inspiring and fun website to browse. If you’re feeling uninspired or just want to look at some cool buildings and designs, then check it out.

Here are some fun things you can buy:

These two items are definitely on the nerdy spectrum. Love!

I love this finger bookmark. It tells you the exact line you left off from. It would even be great for teachers or lecturers who want to highlight a particular line in a book and don’t want to ruin the page by writing on it.

Another one for the computer geek in all of us. Up all night blogging and writing code? Well, block out the midday sun with this pixel eyemask!

I love these cassette tape wallets. They are all unique, obviously each made using a different cassette tape which makes them even cooler. No one else is going to have the same wallet as you.

Choosing five things to show you is hard so here are a couple more things that caught my eye.

This feather pen/bookmark makes study or work a pleasure. The word penna means feather in Latin. I like finding out the origin of words. It makes me feel complete. Use it to write that masterpiece of a novel you’ve always wanted to or pretend you’re a scholar from the medieval times. These feathers are made from paper and they even come with a wee stand for displaying in your office or bedroom. Featherly nice indeed.

Something else that intrigued me were these smart pebbles. Part of me thinks they’re just pebbles and would I really use them? Maybe it’s because I’m not an iphone/touchscreen phone user because they are very useful for anyone who is: allowing you to quickly check things on your phone whilst at your desk. A non-touchscreen phone might be a bit more fiddly to use with them. I also like that you can place your laptop on them which helps to stop your laptop over-heating. Nifty.

I could be here all day posting cool things from this site but that would mean less time with my beau eating the M&S Dine In For Two meal deal and snuggling and shit.

Enjoy your weekend!


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