Fashion Icons: Street Style

Hello Fashion Lovers!

I have missed this: just me, my faithful netbook and my blog.

I have had a very busy couple of weeks which have ended in my life changing for the better. I am moving to London and starting a new job! Finally! Goodbye Belfast, hello London! It has not come without its trials and tribulations but I am not going to bore you with the details. Right now, things are good. I just need to find somewhere to live!

I’m currently looking in the North and East of the city and if anyone has any tips, suggestions or comments, that would be great! I will also do a London inspired fashion post at some stage to celebrate my new life there! I can’t wait to be inspired by the city and the people. Here’s to a new start!

Now on with my fashion icons post…

Street Style Websites and Bloggers

Street style blogs and websites are an inspiration for a lot of people. If you go on some of the best-known ones there are many comments under each photograph, people chipping in with their opinion. People really love seeing what others are wearing in their daily lives and now that it is ok to stare thanks to happy snappy street photographers doing the hard work for us, we can be inspired by people on the street from all over the world without even leaving our houses! This is the ideal: getting to see and be inspired by people on the street whilst lounging in our onesies.

I started reading a fashion blog years ago by a girl who made her own clothes and bought items from thrift stores (she lived in the US!) for $2 and then took photos of herself and her life. I can’t even remember what it was called now unfortunately 😦 but it was a good read. It wasn’t that I wanted to wear her clothes, I just liked looking at how she put things together and had such a good eye for making charity shop finds look cool.

Anyway, this got me on to street style blogs and I really liked which is filled with photos of lots of quirky people out and about on the streets of Finland’s capital city, Helsinki. There is a really eclectic mix of fashion and people on hel-looks, mixing high street, charity shop finds, borrowed and designer items. Check it out if you like to see how people mix these elements into one outfit, not necessarily wearing something you like or want to wear yourself but always having fun with their clothes and sometimes blurring gender lines.

I moved on to The Sartorialist for a while. My favourite photographs by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist’s founder/photographer/blogger were the classic, dandy-esque New Yorkers: suited and booted in old style attire often complete with a handkerchief in their pocket. He seems to love classic looks with a twist and I love that he highlights fashionable people of all ages.

However, I definitely prefer more low key blogs now: someone who just snaps people on the go and isn’t as slick as The Sartorialist. There are so many and I’d love to find some more to inspire me so please leave a comment with your favourite street style blogs and I will check them out.

Scott Schuman

You might have read my High Five Friday where I mentioned Company magazine. Well I’m still loving it and just bought the latest issue which has a street style feature and they recently just held a style blogger awards night to celebrate the world of fashion blogs. Their best street style blog award went to another very popular street style blog. I personally don’t enjoy it as much as other street style blogs but it is definitely worth a look.

I better get back to apartment hunting and grab some lunch. I hope everyone is having a good Saturday (or whatever day you’re reading this on).


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