Best In Show: Band T-Shirts

I had this blog post almost ready on Friday but then a busy weekend ensued and I didn’t have time to finish it. I have another busy week ahead and I will let you know everything next week. It is kind of exciting. In the meantime I will try to do one more post this week but if I think it’s rushed I’ll leave it until next week because I don’t want it to be rubbish just because I don’t have time to dedicate to it. Anyway,  right now, let’s get on with talking  about fashion.

Band T-shirts

Band t-shirts allow us to show our appreciation for our favourite bands, to take home a souvenir at the end of a memorable gig or sometimes they can even look cool. Mostly, we’re just funding the band member’s drug addiction. Just kidding. Band tees I have picked up in the past at gigs have included a Chew Lips one that looked white in the dark but when I put it on in the toilets after the gig it was a horrible shade of yellow and brown and a Tilly and the Wall one which I wear in bed. This post is a result of disappointing band t-shirts and the search to find something a little more cool. Here are five bands and  you might like to wear their t-shirt.


Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album cover on a t-shirt is something I’ve wanted for a while. You’ll be able to find one on eBay, or this one from Amazon for $22. Topshop was doing the same tee, different fit a while ago but it’s no longer available there. If you want a Fleetwood Mac item but don’t fancy this particular design, then check out Yes, it’s a little geeky in that “stuck-in-the-heavy-metal-phase-can’t-move-on-even-though-you’re-35-type of way, but I found this Fleetwood Mac jumper, so we’ll not be too harsh on it. And besides, I have nothing against people liking different things. At least they’re passionate about something. This can be yours for $45.

What is your favourite Fleetwood song? I got really into them one summer when I was about fourteen. We went to this really boring island (Irish, unglamourous) with one horrible pub on it where people pissed outside, and the weather was terrible. We went with family friends and I found the Rumours album in their car. Not that I was rummaging around in their car or anything. I spend the rest of the afternoon listening to it and writing in my diary. I got their Greatest Hits for Christmas that year. I once claimed to wanting Songbird as my “first dance” song at my wedding. That’s if I was into the whole “first dance” and wedding thing.

2) I really like the Canadian band Crystal Castles. If you don’t know them I’d recommend starting with their first album and then checking out their second one which is a bit more hardcore. (Some may call me a hypocrite re. heavy metallers). Listen to: Celestica, Baptism, Year of Silence, Empathy and Pap Smear from the self-titled 2010 second album. From the first self-titled (again) 2008 album, I recommend Untrust Us, Crimewave, Blank Panther as well as Alice Practice, Knights, Courtship Dating…actually just enjoy it all!

Here are some of their t-shirts I like:

There are newer ones too like this one. I’d like to wear the sad face because it would tell me that I don’t have to be smiling all the time.

You can get them all on the band’s website. As you might know by now I like black and white t-shirts and I think all of these would look perfect dressed up or down.

3) I mentioned this shirt in my last post on fashion icons.

Again you can find Pink Floyd tees all over the internet. Just google it and thank me later when people think you’re really cool. The best thing about this t-shirt is that it is easy fashion: put it on and it is instant style.

4) Daft Punk T-shirt

I wanted to include this Daft Punk t-shirt because I really wanted it when I was younger. On my travels around the internet I came across this:

Find out more about it here. There are some really fun t-shirt designs in this book which may just inspire and delight you. You can buy the paperback on Amazon for a good price.

I also came across a really nice site and got distracted by the beautiful yet simple tees on offer.

This one is $24. I love the explanation behind the t-shirts. This one is about your friend telling you all about their dream, going on and on and then when they get to the good bit they say “…and then I woke up”.

These are $38 fr two t-shirts. Their explanation:

Sometimes you wake up feeling great and you’re willing to say “YES” to just about anything. Other times all you want to do is say “NO” – leave me alone! Now you can just let your shirts say it for you.

I like this idea because a lot of the time I want my clothes to speak for me so people will understand how I feel. I once bought a jumper that said “Be Nice” on it because I was sick of people being rude.

I may have got distracted looking for band tees but that’s what I love about the internet.

Enjoy, and I hope you all have a good week!


One thought on “Best In Show: Band T-Shirts

  1. Love it, thank you for posting these. Someone in Copenhagen actually read your post 🙂

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