Fashion Icons #1

So, I have been writing this blog for nearly two months now (two months on Sunday) and I have never really mentioned who my fashion icons are. It seems everyone has a fashion icon these days: someone who inspires them with the things they wear, someone whose clothes are aesthetically pleasing to their eye. This could be someone from the past like Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn or James Dean. Or, it could be someone in the weekly “celeb” magazine. Nowadays, everyone and their dog seems to have “designed” a “collection”.

So, whose fashion do I actively spend time checking out, looking up where they got certain items and perhaps even buying the same thing?

Well, there aren’t many people who I religiously follow the fashion of. I am not obsessed with just one person’s style but nevertheless, I have made a list of certain people whose fashion has inspired me.

1) Tegan and Sara Quin

I have loved their music over the years and am really happy that they are back in the studio as we speak. 🙂 I have also loved their style and how it has evolved over the years. I know I’m clubbing them together but I believe that they have equally good taste in clothes and as they get over, it only gets better. My favourite thing about their style is that they both have an attainable look but it is still ridiculously cool and quirky. They mix classic, affordable gems like converse, high-street tees with more expensive items. And they are always changing their haircuts to match their mood.

There are so many photos of them online looking cool and fashionable. I have just spent the last ten (more like thirty!) minutes getting distracted by them. Someone even set up a blog dedicated to their fashion a few years ago. (No longer up-to-date). Just google them and immerse yourself in the world of two talented, funny and cool musicians. Or else I’ll be here all day posting photo after photo!

Arriving at the studio with relaxed looks. (Courtesy of Lindsey Byrne for Rolling Stone).

I love Tegan’s boots here:

And her t-shirt in this one:

Band tees FTW!

Their tattoos make their look even more appealing:

I realise I keep saying “their look” as if they have the same look but it’s more like their style compliments each other and they are in the same band, after all! They are bound to have at least a similar look because of that.

This was supposed to be a blog post of a list of fashion inspirations! Not a Tegan and Sara shrine. :S I think I will have to do a post for each of my inspirations/icons now because I have so much to say about each. It will be even better because it means I get to write lots of posts!

What do I like about Tegan and Sara’s style?

It’s fun. A lot of it is affordable for the average punter. It is easy to achieve yourself. It’s laid back chic. It makes you want to start a band. They have good taste in shoes, hats and shades.

What similar item/s do I have or that were inspired by their style?

I actually laced my converse a certain way because of the way Sara had laced hers. I have lots of graphic tees like they used to have. I will be getting that Pink Floyd t-shirt. I searched the internet for these TUK shoes when I saw Tegan wearing them. And yeah they might have subconsciously influenced my hair. Or I, at least, wanted to get similar cuts. Remember when they rocked the mullet? ❤

Next Time On Fashion Icons: Street Style Bloggers.


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