What To Wear To… A Weekend Break

My beau and I have booked a last minute trip to Londonderry this weekend, which is about – hang on, let me check – two hours away from Belfast. We just wanted to get away somewhere, anywhere and relax. We chose Derry because it is still a city and there should be plenty of things to do and see. I have been to Derry once to visit friends for the day and I liked it but I felt it was about time I had a look around.

We got a really good bargain at a four star hotel for the Saturday night. I also hope to do a review for my other blog of a restaurant when I’m in town.

Here’s what to wear to a weekend break…

Of course it all depends on where and what you’ll potentially get up to, doesn’t it? If you are going for long walks, cooking for two and then lounging around by a log fire with a glass or two of vino (sounds nice) then comfort is the name of the game. However, if you’re staying in a hotel, going out to see the sights and “doing” luncheon, dinner and drinks whilst out and about then you’ll probably want to dress up a bit more. I’ll be doing the latter.

Here is what I’ll definitely be bringing:

That’s right, novelty pants! Theses were £1.70 in Primark. 🙂

I’ve uttered these word before: comfortable shoes. Boat shoes have returned this year with a bang for the summer season. Boat shoes were one of my weird predictions. Every so often I will predict a new trend about a year before it starts being sold in the shops. Last year it was boat shoes. It’s more along the lines of “They should totally bring back boat shoes” and then there they are, months later.

Beat-up trainers are a culture junkie’s city staple. I actually bought my first pair of Converse (which were made to look “distressed”) in Derry – the only time I have been there!  These distressed Gola Quota’s come in lots of different colours and they also come in hi tops.

I am so happy I’m a size four and can fit into these kids’ ones:

I have also fallen in love with these Vans:

But enough about my obsession with trainers before I get totally out of hand.

We will be packing up a bag each with a change of outfit (and novelty pants! There needs to always be an exclamation mark after novelty pants! all of the time) and some snacks. A weekend break most definitely calls for beer and/or a bottle of bubbly and some nibbles (step away from the cheese puffs).

Ultimately, this is your chance to not care about fashion because you want to just relax and hopefully you won’t know anybody. On the other hand, this could also be a chance to try out something new for the same reasons.

It’s been lovely and sunny the last few days here so a pair of shades wouldn’t be out of place. Or am I just being too optimistic and wanting it to be summer, like, now?

I love these foldable ones by Burberry:

My advice? Go forth and book a bargainous weekend break, bring a change of clothes and a toothbrush, and go explore!


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