High Five Friday Becomes Sunday Funday

High Five Friday has highlighted the fact that I wear a uniform. I think it stems from the fact that I simply can’t afford to buy new items every week but then who am I kidding? When I do buy new clothes they follow a pattern. If I had all the money in the world (and hypothetically spent it all on clothes) I would have hundreds of pairs of Nike trainers, Vans, Supras, a few Converse for old time’s sake, everything Jeremy Scott has designed, millions of plain t-shirts with a pocket on the front, lots of hoodies, a crate load of braces (suspenders) and  bow ties. Shamefully, I would have lots of skinny(ish) jeans (probably coloured – I know – so 2006). I would have many blazers, one for each day of the week, in every colour including red, burgundy, bottle green, and one with elbow patches like a Geography teacher. I would have a handful of black and white shirts (not on the same shirt, but plain white or plain black). Boring much?

So yeah, when I think back on each week on a Friday, the same items enter my mind. I am a creature of habit. We all are. I would like to break free of my habits – or at least some of them. I like my clothes, so they can stay, but I’d like to break free of my habit to not be as confident as I should – or could – be.

Here are five highs from my week.

1) Plain T-shirts

Black, grey, white avec pocket. My uniform aka work wear. I will also include stripey t-shirts in this. I am tempted to get something like this instead, deviating slightly, especially as I have an interview on Monday:

2) Reinventing Old Jackets

When I went home to my parents’ crib last week I found a jacket of mine from a few years ago with ‘R’ on the pocket. I realized I have owned three items of clothing with an ‘R’ on it, like American high school style. It’s also the initial of my first name. Narcissistic or just dreaming of being a pupil at Rydell High from Grease?

3) The Best Tiger Jumper Ever.

£10 Urban Outfitters. On my trip to get something smart for interviews, I bought this.


4) Company Magazine.

I don’t usually buy magazines but I flicked through the latest issue of Company and it looked interesting so I bought it. It has really inspired me. I love how it is about careers and fashion. I read about people who did an internship with Company and about people who blog. Some of them even blogged and used social media for a living. I have always thought it is in a different league to other magazines in its category. It sounds weird but it really gave me a boost in just going for it and believing in myself.

(I have actually met Zooey Deschanel and it was really awkward).

5) Buying The Perfect Work Trousers. I don’t have a photo right now but I got the best fitting pair of black trousers yesterday in Urban Outfitters for a tenner. I am really fussy about this sort of thing. I don’t do wide legged black trousers. I just don’t think they look nice. The ones I got are narrow legged and look really good with brogues or loafers (which I may become open to in the near future (for work, anyway). Best of all, they are so comfortable. I love that: they look smart but they are also comfy: parfait.


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