Best In Show: Watches

I like watches. I don’t spend a lot of money on them. Nor do I have one special one that I wear all the time. I like to mix and match my watches with my outfits. I once had a talking watch though which rarely left my wrist, until the strap broke, and then the woman’s voice started to sound more like Barry White.

Here are some cool watches that have caught my eye.

This is such a cool concept: telling the time from dominoes. I don’t know if this watch is actually on sale but it should be. it’s fun, and looks stylish as well, doubling up as a bracelet. Definitely something that would get people talking.

Of course I like Casio watches. You knew I would. I really like gold Casio watches with that classic shiny metallic strap. I can’t decide which one I like better between this one and this one:

They would give an outfit instant charisma. I am not a massive jewellery wearer but I think that a watch like these ones can really make an outfit stand out even when you’re in a rush and aren’t dress to impress (me, most of the time).

I love this. Buy here and while you’re at it check out all the other cool products. You can now flaunt that inner geek, come out of the geeky closet, truly be yourself: wear a pixel watch.

This next one is a looker! This beauty is designed by David Ericsson and can be purchased here for £145 or in another colour combination. I like this one because it really reminds me of the 1960s. The brushed gold gives a wooden effect and the brown leather strap is elegant yet masculine at the same time. It reminds me of a 1960s house, all leather and wood, and I want to wear it whilst smoking a cigar and drinking port.

I don’t normally like watches without numbers on them and generally I prefer a digital watch to an analog watch like this one. It’s more exact, you know? BUT! This ain’t no ordinary watch without numbers! Oh no! Check it out, if you look closely at the photo below you can see a “2”  where the small hand is. As the time goes by and the small hand moves around the watch, you can see the number where the hand is resting. I think it is a really nice idea: innovative in both style and practicality. Designed by Ross McBride you can see where to buy it in your country here. If you are in the UK. You can get it here for £170.

Whilst on the site I spotted this for £125 and couldn’t resist including it.

It’s plain and classic and would go with work wear, weekend wear, or any occasion.

Watches really are beautiful and I would love to invest in a really decent one at some stage in my life (First decent pay packet?).


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