What To Wear To… Your Valentine’s Date

Do you like Valentine’s Day? I have a soft spot for it. When I was single (always until I was 22) I used to like seeing people on their way home carrying flowers on Valentine’s Day. It always made me feel warm inside and I hoped one day I would get to buy flowers for someone too. I couldn’t wait to have someone special to do that for. I never felt sad or envious though because it is just another day, after all.

You may or may not have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with romantically but whatever you get up to make sure you wear something that makes you smile. Loving yourself counts for something too, you know.

A perfect item for Valentine’s Day is a patterned, 80s / kids inspired jumper. They’re fun, silly and will brighten up your day. Here are some to choose from.


This amazing duck jumper is £30 from a-non.co.uk but you can get it for £27.99 plus free postage on eBay from fuzzdandy’s shop.

Here are more jumpers from the same website (for £30) or from fuzzdandy for less.

(eBay, £26.99) This black sheep jumper is really cute and your date / friends / work mates, on the day of love will appreciate it.

(eBay, £22.99). I love the weather inspired theme. It reminds me of the kids who used to be on Sesame Street in the 80s or even everybody’s favourite gay couple, Bert and Ernie!

A lot of the time people assume I am younger than what I actually am. Sometimes it annoys me, other times I think, hey, that’s actually a good thing! I’d really love to get this though – just to make sure people know when I was born!

This is from cafepress.co.uk for £29.

Courtesy of blog.popthreads.com

I found these beautiful jumpers on popthreads.com, perfect for Valentine’s Day. They are by this designer on Etsy.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be working on Valentine’s evening and my beau works during the day so it will be snuggling on the sofa for us when I get back. If I had time to do something though I would do something classically romantic. You might like to do dinner and a movie (hold hands tight throughout The Woman In Black) or my favourite choice: bowling and the arcade.

Sport an old school bowling shirt or if you can’t find one (there are lots on eBay), a Fred Perry tee will do the trick, teamed with a blazer.

Or the epitome of American high school: the Varsity jacket.

I love the  VR one with the glasses.

Whatever you get up to (for most, just the same as every other day!) try to fit in something fun even if that means buying yourself a packet of love hearts. It might be a commercial, pointless day in a lot of peoples’ eyes but it’s nice to treat yourself and/or your special someone/s anyway!


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