#5 High Five Friday

I am in dire need of a haircut. The trouble with short hair is that it is never short enough. It grows at an extraordinary rate and quickly looks overgrown. You don’t really notice it as much with long hair. I really want to get my electric razor and buzz it off. But I have a “pre-screening” interview tomorrow (well later today) so I won’t. I think “pre-screening” means the recruitment agency has a chat with you and then puts you forward for the position you applied for, if they think you’re still suitable? I think that’s the deal anyway. I didn’t ask what the dress code was. I.e. Is it like a real interview where you would wear something more formal (you might be aware from previous posts that I don’t really like formal office wear) or can you go more casual?

I’ve opted for a white shirt, my black trousers that can be mistaken for jeans but are actually trousers, my black jacket with leather lapels and black brogues.

I think it is a good in-between outfit.

Here are my high-fives for Friday. (I will let you know how tomorrow goes soon).

1) Looking for jobs needs to be fuelled by comfort so my trusty grey sweatpants or “trackie bottoms” as I might call them, are supoib. Something like these Franklin and Marshall ones are soft and teamed with a soft hoodie and a mug of earl grey tea will make some of your worries seem a little lighter.

2) I know it’s all about the iPads and Macbooks but I wouldn’t be anywhere without my Samsung netbook. I got it nearly two years ago now (Wow, it feels a lot shorter!) and it has served me well. I recommend it to everybody but so far no one has taken me up on it.

3) This next high-five goes to something that is not an object, it’s not something you can wear, hold or touch. It’s a song.

Gareth Emery Feat. Christina Novelli, Concrete Angel

Anyone watch Candy Bar Girls on Channel Five?! Well Christina was on that show which is kind of funny. I love the song though and I’m not usually into trance (and my beau is a trance vocalist!!)

4) I have featured stuff from the cheap high street store New Look quite a lot on this blog. I, a few months back, never shopped in New Look but I have started to shop there mainly because the t-shirts happen to be quite nice, and attractively-priced as well, like this wolf sleeveless t-shirt I picked up (as in bought, not shop-lifted!!). I got it because my other blog is called thehungrywolff.com (Spelt “wolff” because of this).


5) Fuck it, it’s ten to one and I need to get up in the morning. Happy Friday, ya’ll.


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