My Favourite Fictional Fashionistas


Everybody’s favourite boy detective was recently given the Hollywood treatment but the original comics is where it’s at, where it will always be for me. He has also be outed as gay a few times over the years. (He is eighty now!) When it comes to fashion, TinTin doesn’t diverge much from a standard uniform of plus fours, a white shirt, a blue sweater and white socks (sticking with this emsemble about half way through the comic series). It is a very European philosophy: find something classic that fits you well and stick with it for a decade or two.

Kevin McCallister

Another hero of mine and whose style I seem to have a lot in common with. Yes, an eight-year-old boy! But come on, just look at these timeless classics:

The cream woollen Aran jumper: still in fashion and will never go out of fashion.

The classic plaid shirt. Again, still a staple in many peoples’ wardrobes, still very wearable.

This hat is so timeless. Everything about Home Alone (and Home Alone 2) is timeless. That was John Hughes’ aim: for people to be able to watch it in twenty years time and for it to still look modern.

I am definitely going to do a “How To Dress Like…Kevin” blog post.

Duckie Dale (click here for more info).

George Falconer

The main character (played my Colin Firth) in 2009 movie A Single Man, set in the 1960s, directed by the fashion designer, Tom Ford. It is little wonder then that I found everything about this movie pleasing to the eye. The house, the suits, the dark-rimmed spectacles, the cinematography, the colours, the furniture! I couldn’t tell you the plot, like.

Nan King/Astley

Hey you. The one who hasn’t read Tipping The Velvet yet. I am so jealous of you. GET ON THAT. Seriously.

Nan is the main character in this fabulous book by Sarah Waters which is set in Victorian London, and it is so very, very gay. It was made into a BBC Series in 2002 (in case you didn’t know!) As a theatre performer, Nan has many costumes. I like her best in “drag”.

Jay Gatsby

I was told they are making a new The Great Gatsby movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. That would be pretty cool and I’ll definitely be going to see that. You should read the book though, if you haven’t already. A movie will never be able to come close to the book because it is the rich language and superb writing that makes this book.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby is one of those characters that stands out when it comes to fashion. There is a moment in the book where the character Daisy sobs “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such – such beautiful shirts before” when she is in Gatsby’s dressing room. Has anybody gurned over your clothes before?! The Great Gatsby was presenting and questioning materialism sixty years before the 80s.

Speaking of the 80s…Ferris Bueller. Yep, another John Hughes character. It is 1986 and this made sense:


And it still does. I love how John Hughes characters just do it, you know? They are 100% themselves and that’s why I love them so much, and their clothes reflect this.

So there you have it. What characters get your vote?


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