#5 Best In Show: Boxers

Today’s Best In Show is brought to you by the British high street (no surprises there then). I want to know where ya’ll buy your boxers. I need some more in my life. (They can’t be boring).

Pack of three for £15, River Island. I like the US flag boxers. The UK flag is a little cheesy because I’m from the UK, and wearing Union Jack clothes is just weird. I’d feel like Geri Halliwell gone wild. I guess you can get away with boxers but a Union Jack outfit, especially where I’m from, is bordering on manic. I mean you can totally wear it on The Twelth if you like…

Food Boxers. I love these. I want them right now. Yeah, “Fancy a foot long?” is pretty tacky but I love the the wee hot dogs, burgers and chips. Unfortunately they have to be bought in a pack for £22 from River Island. (Eh, what?!) If I could just buy the chips on their own I’d be wearing them right now. Makes me want to do what Steve Martin does in Father of The Bride.

And I could dip the chips in some ketchup!

Did somebody say ketchup?

Yes, I found boxers with ketchup bottles on them. (New Look, £5.99 or 3 for 2)

Want a tattoo but can’t afford it? Just put these on and you’ll have all the tattoos you’ll ever need! (£5.99 again from New Look, 3 for 2)

Suggestions for fun boxers, please?


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