#4: What To Wear To…The Supermarket

I don’t know about you but I like to be really comfortable when I go food shopping. I like going food shopping at the weekend which usually involves casual-wear with fun elements because you should always enjoy the clothes you wear. And you can’t wear what you really want to wear to work unfortunately (well most of us can’t). Here’s an outfit you can wear when battling against the other M&S junkies at the Dine In For Two Section on Saturday.

I am tempted to suggest that you wear an entire Boy London outfit with a pair of DMs.

But if this is a bit much, try this for £30:

Boy London is a brand I like because it is simple and unisex. It makes sense to me and goes with everything. What more could you want? I also like plain black and white items because they give you so much to work with as well as being versatile for lots of different occasions.

This food shopping expedition is happening at the weekend so we’re going to go strictly trainers, ok? As you might be aware by now, I am a big fan of the mid- and hi-topped trainer, and that I have a thing for Nikes at the minute. In fact, if anyone’s been concentrating, you’re probably sick of seeing Nike blazers on my blog by now. But…


Wow, the hot pink Nike. I feel like this is hot pink’s moment right now. I would match these with a hot pink scarf (American Apparel has one) and leather waistcoat. The downside of owning a leather waistcoat is that they’re too cold to wear on their own with a shirt or t-shirt in the winter so you end up having to put a coat or jacket over the top, defeating the purpose of wearing the waistcoat in the first place.

You don’t want to find yourself in the frozen foods aisle freezing your ass off.

Or how about this:

You’re also probably aware from previous posts that I am extremely nostalgia-driven in the things I like, and very influenced by movies and books. Let’s just say I’m decidedly unoriginal! But that’s the way I like it: expressing myself in a way that is relateable to the world. I also see clothing as performance and a way to have fun.

Stay dull on the bottoms: either black or grey jeans. Accessorise with big pieces of jewellery. How about wearing one of these earrings in one ear? (£16, American Apparel).

Hell, It’s almost tempting to wear all of this on a night out, never mind to the supermarket! Is anyone else getting a Miami Vice vibe?


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