#4 BEST IN SHOW: The Daily Grind

A quick update on the audition I went to on Saturday. Well, I did it, so I’m glad. The majority of people who were auditioning around the same time were over 50 which I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t very nervous in the end but I did mix my lines up a bit, but I wrote them so they wouldn’t have noticed this. I am meant to find out today if I’m through to the next stage but so far, nothing. Four thousand people are said to have auditioned so I’m not going  to get my hopes up just yet!

As I wait, here are four things you can use to brighten up the journey to work and the working day in general.

1) NBA Skullcandy Headphones

I’m not going to lie: I don’t watch or follow American sports, not basketball, not baseball nor American football. But I like music, and gadgets and American “stuff” and these headphones really stand out for me.

They are by Skullcandy. If you like to be a bit more subtle whilst enjoying your tunes, then try these MLB Boston Red Sox earbuds instead. Just as cool but a little less “out there”. You can choose any team you like.

2)      Mini Diana Camera. Lomography can be achieved by a click of a button these days on your iphone, android and now finally Blackberry, which is ironically at the heart of the Lomography Society’s motto: “Don’t think, just shoot!” Using modern technology to achieve that dreamy effect of lomo might reduce costs and take out the hassle of getting photos developed that may not even have been snapped properly in the first place. However, it won’t beat the excitement you get from DIY-ing it, if you have the patience to waste a few films as you practise and get used to it, or even develop the film yourself. And these mini versions of the more expensive Diana F+  look fun hanging around your neck. Walk to work and have a look around you.

If you just want to mess about with a toy camera though, I would suggest picking up a cheap Holga on eBay.

4)      Lego Lunchbox. I absentmindedly put this on my Amazon wishlist at Christmas and hey, presto, my brother gets it for me for my birthday (which is two weeks before Christmas). You can buy it on Firebox.com for £10.99.


5)      A book. I wish I could make more time for reading these days. I tend to pick up a book the week after Christmas, really enjoy it but fail to get past the third chapter once January hits. It happened this year with a book my beau’s mum got her: Jeanette Winterson’s “Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?” Between job searching, work, household chores, and sheer laziness, I haven’t returned to it in the new year. The problem is I now walk to work so no reading on the bus, and besides my bus journey wasn’t long enough to warrant settling down with a good book on it, anyway. But there’s nothing more pleasant than when I visit London and see everyone on their daily commute amongst the hustle and bustle, the lucky ones who got a seat, even the ones who didn’t get a seat, completely and unapologetically absorbed in a book, like they’ve been waiting all day to read it. Or is it just a really good way to say, “Don’t bother me!”?


2 thoughts on “#4 BEST IN SHOW: The Daily Grind

  1. Not a secret! Just I mentioned it in a post last week and wanted to give an update. It’s to work at the new Titanic museum in Belfast, as a guide. I think they held “auditions” because 4000 people applied so chances are slim.

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