#3 How To Dress Like…Lisbeth Salander

You don’t need to be a moody, motorbike-riding, leather-clad, bi(pan?)sexual to solve crimes, but it helps.


The Lisbeth Salander look is dark, androgynous, practical and grungy. And effortlessly “cool”. (Although I’m not saying her unhappy childhood/life/drugs/abuse/fraud/any of the above/ohemgee what have I started is by any means “cool”. I am just concentrating on her fashion/clothes, as shallow as that sounds!). I haven’t read the book so I have no idea how she is described with words but from watching the movie, it’s like we’re supposed to think she doesn’t give a shit about fashion, but come on! She gets it. Evidenced by the fact that she buys Daniel Craig a stylish leather jacket.

I am tempted to shave parts of my head again after seeing the US version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Her piercings and tattoos can be found on any alternative lifestyle hero starring in their own life, these days, but nevertheless, she works it like a moody teenage druggie. And we forgive her because she’s so damn sexy…I mean smart.

What’s even better about the look is that it is entirely accessible. Some high street stores seem to have been inspired by her look as well. Topshop have a 90s grunge collection that looks like it’s tailored-made for Lisbeth and H&M even dedicated a range to the character.

A leather jacket can be bought on eBay if you get lucky and get it for a decent price. I always feel sad when I think about leather jackets because I had worn my new grey leather jacket with fringes just twice when it got stolen in Edinburgh. I hate thinking about it. It was beautiful.

Lisbeth doesn’t really divert from black and greys so it’s not hard to get her look. This hoodie is from American Apparel and the boots from Topshop.

I think these Doc Martens are  an excellent choice for this kind of look. You are spoilt for choice for DMs on eBay.

A leather jacket isn’t complete without its leg equivalent.

These are practical for riding that mother-effing motorcycle.

Sometimes I think my look needs to be more mature and this style is such an easy way to achieve that. I have nearly all these items already (bar the leather trousers). Oh, and you can’t forget the dark eye make-up. Try this from Benefit which has everything you need for that effortless, mysterious allure:

Do you like Lisbeth’s “style”? Do you wear it already?


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