#3 High Five Friday

This week has been pretty void of fashion/inspiration. Between contemplating my future (seriously, if I do any more contemplating about it I’m going to turn into bloody Plato!), my hours at work being cut back to part time again (Everybody’s has – I am good at the job. It’s a survey unit and the survey came to an end), and nervously anticipating and rehearsing for an audition I am going to tomorrow for a new job, I have been feeling a little fragile. The job is for a position at the new Titanic museum that opens in March, here in Belfast.

I am thinking about not going and am feeling stressed teetering on the brink of either disaster (if I go through with it) and failure (if I fail to turn up at all). All I can see is the negative of both scenarios. I don’t challenge myself at all and then when I face something new and unknown, I am filled with fear. Sorry this post isn’t as vivacious as usual. I should be embracing this opportunity, and that’s what I think I’ll end up doing. It’s clearly a lack of confidence? I will return in, I hope, higher spirits with my next post and let you know what happens.

Before I go (because I can’t bear to leave this post as such a wet blanket) here are my High Fives for this week. It’s a little different this week. These are five materialistic items that just cheer me up right now in my self-pitying mood because I’m shallow and petty. 😉 I feel better already.

1)      Blue Raybans

2)      Winged Adidas Sneakers

3)      80s iPhone Case

4)      Duck Hunt T-shirt


5) Mexican Negra Mondelo Beer

Update: I have returned from town with stuff to make a prop for tomorrow’s audition (which involves giving a three minute talk about wooden furniture used in the Titanic) and I’m feeling better. I might even have fun, and if it’s a disaster, then it’s a funny story to tell in the future!


One thought on “#3 High Five Friday

  1. Nice glasses I really like that blue color and the retro style mobile case! But its a bit too big and no where you can really put it, you need a backpack just to carry it.

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