#3 Best In Show: Hats


1) Grey Triangle Fairisle Beanie. £6 (Was £12) Topman.

By now, it probably seems like I’m obsessed with Topshop/Topman or something. I’m not. It is just a good place to start because it is accessible to most people as a place to shop and I like to put stuff on here that is available for everyone to buy now. They have loads of hats on their website but I picked this one because it isn’t as typically Christmassy as some of the others so it can be worn all year round. I liked the colour combination and the pompom is a necessary addition or else the hat wouldn’t be anything special.

2) Black and Burgundy Trilby: £25, Topshop. I like this because it takes the classic black trilby (which has grown tried and can look a bit fancy-dress), simply adds a burgundy brim ad voila, it is brought back form the brink of destruction. There’s nothing show-stoppingly brilliant about this hat but that’s what I like about it. With its simple, classic lines and its rich colour, this hat will immediately bring your outfit to life. I have implied this fact time and time again: accessories can make an outfit.

3) Duck Hunt Trucker Cap from oldglory.com. Thanks to Fashionably Geek, back in 2008 for posting about this cap. Unfortunately, I don’t think it exists anymore but you will find lots of other cool geeky stuff on both websites. I had to include it because it is the epitome of early 90s gaming for me.

4) Pork Pie hats can be a little cheesy if there’s too much going on. This simple grey one by Hornblower by Bailey of Hollywood from hatsncapsdirect.com ($50, was $100) is rather dapper. It can be worn casually at the weekend with jeans and a t-shirt but would also go swimmingly with a shirt and trousers combo on a night out. If you like dresses, put this on with one, and hey presto! You have successfully created that laid-back but decidedly fashionable vibe.

5) I was going to post a deerstalker hat like the one Holden Caulfield wears in The Catcher in the Rye (and Sherlock Holmes), but quite frankly, I despise how it looks on peoples’ heads. But how about these hybrids between a baseball cap and a hat incorporating the ear flaps of the deerstalker? These aren’t everyone’s taste but they’re fun. Having said that, I have only seen them online so they could be less appealing in real life. You can get them here for £35.

I need to get myself some more hats! Do you wear hats? What kind?


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