#2 How To Dress Like…Duckie Dale


Duckie Dale quickly became one of my style heroes when I first laid eyes on him in Pretty In Pink. I wanted to be him. I wanted his clothes, and when he dances and lip-syncs to Ottis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness” the deal was sealed.

His style is pretty much: wear all your favourite things at once. This is not a minimalist look and yet he manages to look cool and not too crazy. I love mish-mashing colours, textures and patterns in clothing and Duckie is the ultimate mish-masher. If there’s any character in a movie that teaches you to be yourself, it’s Duckie. Here’s how to get his style:

I found this Bolo tie on eBay where you will easily be able to find one for under £20. I think they’re fun but definitely something that has to be worn with the right thing. Get it wrong and it could go very, very wrong. Just remember the rule here is: nothing is too much. Pile it all on.

Creepers. These are similar to Duckie’s shoes but not quite right. Yet, I think they capture the essence of his style, nonetheless. For me, the creeper is a shoe that seems to be a shoe that fits “the one that doesn’t quite fit in”, the outcast. See Franky from Skins, Series Five for details.

You can pick up a grey checked blazer like Duckie’s in the top photo in most places. It’s not hard to find on eBay and in charity shops for a good price. You don’t have to stick with the grey though. I found this one on eBayand I think the Duckman would give his approval:

For the shirt, check out Our Legacy, a Swedish brand who have some very cool shirts. I especially like the Jacqueline Print shirt and the 1950s Striped Ice Cream one. Duckie’s look isn’t about spending money. It’s unashamedly thrift-store so I don’t really see Duckie shopping here (especially because it is based in Sweden and this was pre-internet!) but they have a good range of shirts, and there’s a sale on.

The waistcoat will be pretty straight-forward to find. Again, eBay and charity shops are the best places to look for checked waistcoats.

Duckie makes the pork pie hat look fresh again and this one from hatsandcaps.co.uk bears a pretty close resemblance. But, again, you can find this style of hat all over eBay and in charity shops. They were pretty popular a few years ago and are always a festival favourite in the summer. Some people can’t stand hats of any kind and especially vintage ones that people throw on to spice up an outfit. For me, that is the beauty of fashion. It can be that easy and fun to update your look. Why make it difficult?

If you watch the above video you will catch a glimpse of Duckie’s Argyle socks. Try these Scott and Lyle socks out for size:

Finish the look with a pair of John Lennon-esque shades (yes, you guessed it, from eBay!)

and some rings and a watch and you’ve got yourself a really volcanic ensemble, as Duckie himself once said. Enjoy!


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