#2 High Five Friday

My High Fives this Friday go to:

1)      Grey Marl Hoodies

2)      Home knitted garments: jumpers, socks etc.

3)      Coloud Headphones

4)      The IT Bag

5)      Winter Coat

1) I love hoodies. Seriously, if you have a hoodie and I come to your house, hide it. I have a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people with hoodies… I will look for it, I will find it, and I will wear it.

I especially love oversized hoodies. Really though, aren’t hoodies the best? Particularly on hangover days, lazy, only leave the house to walk to the shop days, or go to M&S and get your dine in for two days. Well recently, I finally was given a hoodie of my very own after browsing eBay for years in the hope of finding a discounted American Apparel one. The second I felt the soft grey material and saw the white shoe lace type strings that characterize “The Hoodie Of Wet Dreams” I had a morning glory. Mine is from Topshop for £22. You can find them in loads of shops on-and off-line. Just take your pick. It is so comfortable and I don’t want to wash it yet because I want it to be new forever.


2) Ok, so not everyone will be able to avail of this. Not everyone has a relative that is a knitting machine. My mum used to knit years ago and now that she is retired she has started it up again in a big way. Knitting actually runs in my family in kind of a cool way because my granny (my mum’s mum) and two of my great aunts (my mum’s dad’s sisters) owned a wool shop in Belfast many years ago. (I wasn’t around yet). Unfortunately, I haven’t inherited the knitting gene but my mum is amazing at it. She knit me this jumper in a week and a half:

Yeah, so you can’t see it because the second I laid it out to take a picture my cat of course wanted to stand on it. 🙂

She could start her own shop if she wanted because everyone is putting their orders in for their own unique hand-knitted garment. Seriously, if you have a relative whose knitting skills have been lying dormant for years, get them to unleash their woolly superpower once again.

3) Headphones are my number one accessory. I walk to work so an iPod is essential to me. (What did people do pre-walkmans?) I like brightly-coloured or retro-looking headphones. It was time to move on from my Panasonic vintage-style cans (well not really because I’ll still wear them). I’d had my eyes on a new pair for a while but they weren’t a necessity. However, I was lucky enough to receive these for Christmas:

These Coloud Headphones come in six more colours – white, black, pink, purple, blue and green and they’re not just cool to look at. They also have a tiny “play” button and microphone built in so if you’re on your iPod you can pause it without taking it out of your pocket or if you’re connecting them to your phone you can use the microphone. They can be found online for around £30.

4) When people talk about “IT Bags” costing hundreds or thousands of pounds and that people “borrow” these bags for a day or whatever, I just don’t get it. My IT Bag would be a little more modest. I recently acquired a backpack after years of using a messenger bag, mainly because my shoulders and back have been giving me jip and I thought it might be because I’m constantly carrying around my one-shouldered bag. It turns out my body still aches but my new bag looks and feels great so I’m not complaining! (Well I am, but that’s not the point). ASOS and River Island do amazingly good value backpacks like the one I mentioned in my What To Wear To The Zoo post. When it comes to the classic satchel, whether you’re a student, at work, or just, you know, hanging around street corners, I find it tedious trawling eBay for that perfect leather number. Instead, consider something like this from ASOS:

5) The Winter Coat

I may be enjoying the sunshine on my walk to work these last couple of days but I can’t forget that it’s still winter and that the weather is still as unpredictable as ever. That’s why we all need a beautiful winter coat. And if you hurry this one can be yours for £60 from Urban Outfitters. (If you’re a size Medium, that is).

What I like about it is, of course, the straight lines, the lack of “added feminine twist” and the velvet collar. If you click here you will be able to see how nice it is close up and at the back. It will impress. (And no, Perv, she doesn’t come with the coat).

Have a good weekend. I am working on Saturday at 10am which could be worse because it’s Dress Down Saturday and I can wear whatever I want. Anyone doing anything interesting? (Note to self: no one is reading this :D).


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