#2 Best In Show: Graphic T-shirts


Fluent Flyers Cyclops t-shirt $20, also available in black.

An excellent choice for photographers as well as anyone who likes vintage objects. It inspires me to go for a walk and take some snaps and makes me want it to be summer soon so I can wear t-shirts without having to put layers on over the top.

2) In Cold Blood literary tee, $28, Out Of Print It was very hard to choose just one tee from this Brooklyn-based site. If you like books you will love it. I want the blue The Great Gatsby jumper as well. I already have The Catcher in the Rye jumper and it’s very soft :).


Threadless.com is another of my favourite t-shirt websites. They always have a good sale on as well. It’s always worth buying a few t-shirts at once if you live outside the US because you have to pay a bit more for the postage. I have this “Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure” t-shirt design in a “Guys M” size. It is $24 at the minute but it was in the sale when I got it. Definitely go one size bigger than you think you are. The tees will shrink in the wash.

4) Thanks to @geek _oclock for telling me about Lazy Oaf, a London-based store selling some really cool t-shirts and jumpers, as well as accessories and stationery. I thought this one was funny – it says “People are idiots” on it but there are loads more cool items you should check out.

5) Another t-shirt from Threadless and another fun t-shirt that’s perfect for lounging in/making people smile in/eating lunch in/hanging at the pub in/reading in the park in (see, I am suddenly looking forward to summer). The  “Off the Reservoir” t-shirt is currently in the sale for $9.50.

I could write about graphic t-shirts for forever. bloodisthenewblack.com is also a brilliant site which sells tees by different artists. This means there is a good variety of styles and selection for different budgets.

And for queer t-shirts you have to check out revelandriot.com. I would love to design my own t-shirts some day and they really inspire me.

What is your favourite t-shirt store or website?


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