#2: What To Wear To…The Gay Club

Last week the zoo, this week, the gay club…not much change then. What you wear to the club again depends on a variety of factors. Are you looking for some fresh meat? Are you going with your new beau? Are you going to dance like this?

Regardless of any of this, one thing is certain, you want to be a) confident yet still be b) comfortable. It is all about the bow tie for me. I got my first bow tie (other than trying on old ones I found in my parents’ room) in 2007. I only wore it a couple of times. At this stage I thought wearing a bow tie too often might seem strange to people. Now I don’t care and would happily wear a bow tie every week. Wear it with a patterned shirt. I love these ones from River Island’s new Spring season:

(Sorry about the rubbish photo. It’s a pic of my screen :s). Or a plain black or white shirt. In fact, a black, short-sleeved shirt is the next item on my radar. Any suggestions of where I might find one? If it was daytime I’d put a sweater on top and then a jacket but for the club this combo will suffice. A nice pair of plain black jeans are a good club staple or if you’re going plainer on top whip out the old coloured numbers that never fail to make me feel happy.

Another favourite of mine is braces (or suspenders). I know, I know, I am not very original but I swear I have been wearing braces since about 2006 and there is a special place in my heart for typical dandy-type clothing. They instantly take any dull outfit to the next level. I personally like to wear all black with a brightly coloured pair. You can find plenty of cheap braces on eBay or in second-hand shops. 

See, they make you happy.

Make sure you pair them with a good sturdy pair of jeans/trousers though or you’ll end up looking like a clown with your trousers half way up your chest and wedged fully up your crack…

I like to wear dress shoes like brogues. Brogues “for women” (ie. in the woman’s wear section) have been around for a good few years. This is one good thing about androgyny becoming “popular” or “in”– you can find decent brogues/shirts etc. in your size and still look dashing. No unnecessary frills or “girly” detail added, just straight up boyish. I would also recommend checking out some creeper style shoes, like the red pair I mentioned in my first High Five Friday post. They are a good alternative to what you usually see on the gay dance floor – the classic trainer-wearing lesbian or “high heels and a dress combo” but maybe that’s just in Belfast? Some of you may like to wear a heel on a night out and brogue heels could be an option. I found these brogues on a blog site called trashness.com. Beaut. What do you wear on a night out?


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