Out Of The Closet #1

Where I show you my style. I’m shy so I hope I get used to this.

Today’s look: Sow your Office Oats

So many reasons why I should re-do this (but don’t want to because I wont be wearing the outfit for a while):

1) I couldn’t find my tripod so I had to set my camera on the garden table.

2) I was late for work.

3) My camera battery was low the minute I switched it on and died after three photographs which meant I had to use those photos and take photos of the accessories with my phone. Apologies for pathetic quality of photos.


Trousers: £15, Topshop sale, January 2012. As mentioned in another post, I live in jeans and find it hard to find trousers I love. Today is the first time I’ve worn these and I really like them because they are smart for work and I could probably wear them on a night out as well.

Jacket: £8, Primark sale (yes, even Primark sometimes reduce stuff! I am that cheap 😉 ), October 2009. I bought this jacket for a Halloween costume (Jedward). Leave a comment if you’d like to see the photos of my twin and I dressed as Jedward. (She actually wore this one, I had a grey one). I have started wearing it recently for some reason (I have some new and very nice coats and jackets I could be wearing!)

T-shirt (Grey with pocket): About £12 I think, Topshop, October 2011

Sunglasses (fake wayfarers): £2, Primark, summer 2010.


 Whistle necklace: £12, Urban Outfitters Sale (August 2011)

Below: Watch: £5 Stewart Millar. I love this because it is from this newsagents/cheap sweets/toyshop that only exists in Northern Ireland.

Far below: Black brogues with studs: Topshop sale, years ago, price: no idea.


3 thoughts on “Out Of The Closet #1

  1. I’d like to see you & your twin dressed as Jedward.

    I like the outfit, although I’m more of a skirt & dresses girl myself, I would definitely wear that!

    Good luck with the blogging, I’ve been going through the posts & they look really cool!


    • Wow, I’ve just had a look at your blog. Your photos are stunning and your food looks delicious. I would love to take photos like that but I don’t have a DSLR (I have a Canon PowerShot) I have no idea about shutter speeds and lighting and all that. Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

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