How To Dress Like…Garth Algar


Garth was doing geek chic long before people born in the 90s grew up and decided to be cool. Here’s how to get Garth’s look:


Stone wash jeans like these ones from River Island (£35):

You can rip them if you really want, like Garth’s, or buy a ripped pair.

Checked shirt. You could definitely pick up a checked shirt from a charity shop. The ones here in Belfast have loads on offer and I’m sure other cities have even better selection. In fact, checked shirts are one of the most common items of clothing now and practically every shop stocks them. This one from H&M is a pretty good match to Garth’s.

Garth’s Aerosmith Aero Force One t-shirt can be found in a different colour on Amazon or you can pick up very similar Aerosmith t-shirts for about a tenner on eBay.  I like this one:

For glasses, there are so many thick plastic black glasses available in opticians now, like these ones in Specsavers for £69:

Team all this with a pair of navy converse and the classic geek’s watch, (£20, Urban Outfitters).

This outfit is classic and easy to pull off. I like how an early 90s geek look from one of the best comedies ever made is a good look in 2012. If you were a president you’d be Babraham Lincoln.

Next time: Duckie Dale, Pretty in Pink.


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