High Five Friday

The weekly fashion update whereby I choose five items I have liked/worn/wanted.

1) Micheal Madsen of Reservoir Dogs and Free Willy fame has just walked into the Celebrity Big Brother house being kind of rude to the lovely Natalie Cassidy donning an United States of America flag shirt. I have been after a USA flag jumper for ages. I’m putting American flag apparel down as one of my five items of the week.  USA flag shirts, jumpers and t-shirts. Yes, please. I’m an americophile. Where can I find something I like? I want a simple t-shirt or jumper where the whole t-shirt has to be the flag. I can’t find any cool ones.


2) Brown ankle boots: I have lived in my brown soft leather desert type boots from Primark for months, my beau got a pair of brown leather ones from Red Herring and now my brother and sister have got in on the act. My sister’s boots have buckles from Urban Outfitters (unfortunately, I can’t find them on their site) and my brother has desert boots from River Island.

So, I’ve done cool brown boots, and everyone wanted a piece and got it, and I still love them, I’m wearing them right now, but now I want these and these.

3) Checked Scarf. It is effing cold, wet and windy right now where I live (Belfast, UK). Everyone should have a checked scarf. Even if it isn’t cold! If I went into work tomorrow and everyone was wearing a wee checked scarf I would love it. I have a fine collection, including a tartan one. I like this one too:

4) Nike Mid Blazers. I have a pair of hi-tops and a pair of low-tops but on Friday I got my hands on a pair of blazers when I made what people in the “shopping way” call “an impulse buy”. I can’t afford new sneakers but hell, I bought them anyway. I’m pretty gangsta that way. Mine are navy with a silver tick from Footlocker (on sale for £29.99). I also like these vintage-style ones:

I find blazers are the type of trainer that look better on, with skinny jeans. They make an average outfit stand out from the crowd.

5) Red Jeans. I had a pair of purple jeans in 2006 because everyone else had a pair of red jeans. Some people called me “purple pants”. I didn’t mind. I wanted a red pair though. They seemed so super hero. I got a pair last Friday for, wait for it, £16.99 from New Look. My beau also has a pair in burgundy red and forest green. Yum.

This doesn’t do them justice. Mine look cooler than this.

There you have, my week in fashion. What did yours look like? Have a good weekend!


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