What To Wear To…The Zoo

My first proper post is going to be #1 in a series called “What to wear to…” giving a guide to what might be nice to wear to various events or on various occasions. The first one is *drum roll*, what to wear to the zoo. Something light-hearted to get us started!

Okay, so this depends on a lot of things. If your zoo is like my local one it will be overpriced and a tad depressing. The sea lions will cheer you up a bit and the farm area will give you a few photo ops. Other than that you may or may not end up having a fight with your beau about something you can’t even remember, make up by home-time (because you can’t even remember), try on silly animal masks in the shop and get the bus home again, feeling happy not to be an animal stuck in a zoo.

I have digressed. As I was saying what you wear depends on many things. Who are you going to the zoo with? Is it a hilly zoo or a flat zoo? Do you want to hold small animals or walk off the beaten track? I am going to use two words a real lezzie would be proud to hear: comfortable shoes. This does not mean horrible shoes. This means trainers/sneakers/runners/kicks. But not your favourite/newest pair, not your most awesome pair. Here are two recommendations (because there are so many shoes I love but the zoo isn’t somewhere I’d wear them):

The hi-top converse. Boring and typical, maybe, stylish yet practical – definitely.

drawing courtesy of roywright.co.uk

The low-top nike. Keep your hi-tops away from the zoo. I don’t know about you but my nike hi-tops are for the days I want to feel *awesome* and I don’t want to get my best garb out for the frickin’ zoo. I am not going to know anyone here.

I live in jeans and find it hard to find trousers I really love. I wear trousers to work but only really enjoy wearing my dusky pink ones. The others are just ok. (I will be doing a post on work clothes soon). Anyway, I can visualise it now: every single “what to wear to…” post involving the words “skinny jeans”. This blogging is making me realise how dull my fashion is. Just kidding: jeans are my staple but it’s how you wear them that matters. You knew that.

If you live somewhere hot (unlike me) you can wear shorts to the zoo. I suggest longish black skinny legged ones to just above the knee cut out of your old black skinny jeans or very basic navy/beige shorts from the likes of Old Navy and Gap.

I personally would love a green or red pair in this style but again, these colours are better suited for a festival or a lazy day in the park (again for warmer climates/random freak hot weather where I’m from).

I always like to make the animals feel like they have a “fan” so teaming chosen legwear with an animal tee is ideal. Pick your favourite animal and go with it. It will make their day.

Accessorize with a waterproof watch and a single-use camera (In case you fall in to any pens/cages/water tanks) and this backpack from ASOS and you’re ready for feeding time.

Next week on “What to wear to…”: the gay club.


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