#1 BEST IN SHOW: Blazers

In this section I will bring you my current favourites of a different item of clothing each week. These are all just examples of blazers. Obviously, if you get your hands on a vintage/thrift store blazer/non-high street then that’s awesome. Also, you might not be able to shop in some of these shops, depending on where you live. In terms of availability though, these high-street blazers will give you a starting point. Some of these blazers, I own or simply enjoy.


1) River Island, £50. I chose this as a birthday gift from my parents for the Christmas season. Boy, am I glad I did. It went with everything and it is a really nice fit. I felt smart yet comfortable at the same time and still looked cool because of the leather lapels. I teamed it with a white shirt and bow tie, black skinny trousers ( they look like they could be jeans but I can wear them to work!), black brogues. Another night I wore it over a  patterned top.

2) New Look £10, reduced from £49.99. This (and its boyfriend in light pink) were clearly so unpopular in New Look that they’ve dramatically reduced the price and still every single size is still available. I love this even though it would probably clash horribly with my hair.

3) ASOS, (River Island) £35.50, was £50. I’d team this with hi-tops, a plain grey or white t-shirt and black jeans, something similar to what she is wearing in the picture, actually. If you want to go more dressy wear brogues or boots. It looks like a dressier jacket so going casual/plain with everything else is a must.

4) Topman, £75. The picture is kind of tiny but it is basically a grey blazer with a black velvet collar. I love grey blazers but they can be kind of boring as well. The velvet on this one really brings it to life a well as adding vintage appeal, don’t you think? This jacket can be worn day or night, casual or smart. I have a similarly-shaped brown one, sans the velvet. I can’t wait to start wearing it again when the weather gets better here. (Currently a storm outside).

5) There was also a red blazer (New Look, £29.99) that I saw in the most recent issue of DIVA magazine which I loved but I can’t find a picture of it online. Here is a very bad photo I took with my phone.

This jacket can be worn with anything, anywhere, any time. I would wear it to work, to the supermarket, and to the pub. “Even to the zoo?” I hear you ask. Yes, even to the zoo. Pity, it doesn’t seem to exist any more… if someone finds it let me know!

Are you a fan of the blazer? Any pictures of you in your favourite blazer? Let me see some love for this fine specimen of fashion.


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